Hartford Green Consulting Limited (HARTFORD) is a provider of cutting edge Business Consulting in Nigeria. Hartford was established as a limited liability company in July, 2005 to provide unique and innovative solutions to organizations
and to measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance. Hartford is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.and a registered office in Hertfordshire, UK.

Hartford provides a range of consulting services to leading private and public sector organizations in three broad areas: People, Process and Systems. Our strategic alliances enable us to draw on a network of specialists with expertise
in both Public and Private sector with specializations in Defense, Financial Services (Banking and Pensions), Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Consumer Industrial products and services.

Hartford is a provider of cutting edge Business Consulting services. Established to provide unique and innovative solutions to organisations and measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance through strategy and
technology. Backed by an average of 10 years experience, our consultants are uniquely positioned to offer clients broad and practical knowledge in everything from business case to customer experience. We’ve supported a number of
organizations to improve and optimize their processes.


Our Human Capital Management (HCM) practice works with clients to maximize the value of their Human Capital and to deliver demonstrable business benefits and shareholder value. Our HCM services include Organizational Development,
Strategic Recruitment, Employee Benefits Service, Succession Planning, Strategy and Capacity Development.


The goal of our Process Services is to make our clients’ organisation agile thereby enabling them to take full advantage of the opportunities in their market. Based on Clients’ strategic objectives, we facilitate the improvement
of performance across their business, through reshaping processes, organizational changes and using enabling technology effectively to achieve improvements, reduce time and costs and enhance quality and productivity. Our
business processes services include Process identification and documentation; Process Re-engineering, Process Mapping, Process Automation, Process Improvement and Process Modelling


Hartford Green Consulting has over the years developed its internal capacity as System Integrators. We have worked with our clients to develop solutions to drive enterprise processes and performance as well as review and evaluate
advanced technologies that have determined the most effective applications for them. Our solutions are underpinned with a future proofing approach and so we deliver long-term results. Our technology services include: Information
Technology Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Systems Integration, Solutions Design & Development and Project Management.

Our Experience

Our consultants have several years of in-depth local and international experience. We provide a multi- skilled team with experience in anticipating and responding to unique and special developments affecting key markets and

Our Approach

Our approach to service delivery is founded upon thorough knowledge and understanding of the environment, the business needs and individual business circumstances within each client’s environment. Thus, we are able to tailor
a unique and the best meet solution to our clients’ business needs.

Our Commitment

As an organization, we are firmly committed to meet business needs uniquely and innovatively. Key to this assertion is the assurance of having consultants with the right skill mix, whose experience and expertise encompass a
wide range of sectors and technical disciplines, in project team composition and assignment. The hallmarks of our successful projects are our global sector experiences, coupled with our familiarity of the Nigerian business
environment, which makes it easy for us to adapt to unique issues, proffer solutions and also leverage on our strategic alliances with our partners globally. Our consultants boast of a track record of success and thus position
us as the preferred Consulting firm.

Our Hallmark

The basis of what we stand for and our approach to service delivery is founded upon these five elements, which has over time become the nature of an “HARTFORDIAN”:

  • list-icon Quality
  • list-icon Innovation
  • list-icon Value
  • list-icon Impact
  • list-icon Knowledge